Graduates Are Ready to Lead

The graduates of Interim Executives Academy are available to work as vetted, highly-trained nonprofit interim executive directors. From the training and experience at Interim Executives Academy, the graduates are able to provide a series of protocols and deliverables to ensure a successful interim leader engagement. They will also have access to mentorship and coaching through our leadership community of interim professionals.

Jarrett Ransom PHX 2020

"I am honored to have earned my certificate from the Interim Executives Academy. The resources and knowledge about strategic processes and interim management tools will help me to better serve my community and clients in my professional consulting practice. Anyone who has a desire to serve their community through a transitional leadership role should undoubtedly invest their time and money with the Academy." Jarrett R. Ransom, #NonprofitNerd, President & CEO The Rayvan Group, Phoenix Interim Executives Academy Graduate 2020

Consider the Benefits of Hiring a Nonprofit Interim Executive Director for Your Organization

Interim Leaders Bring Fresh Perspective

A professional interim executive can help to break out of unproductive or even counterproductive modes of thinking bringing about new operations and energy to the entire organization with an innovative and improved dynamic. We have seen this in action with over 150 trained interim executives.



Interim Leaders Are Change Agents

With 19 years of experience and service to over 700 nonprofit organizations, we know that trained interim leaders can invite needed change or planned improvement. By guiding and empowering organizations to manage and benefit from the transitional period they turn that transition into an opportunity for growth.

Interim Leaders Resolve Crisis

Our protocols allow a competent interim executive to remove the "crisis" mentality of the leadership vacuum. The critical decisions and processes around hiring the new leader can now happen in a measured, highly productive way with the organization focused on the long-term executive search rather than a sense of immediate urgency.



Meet Our Recent Graduates

Class #8

Cynthia Armour (Peterborough, ON), Janis Avery (Seattle, WA), Linda Benson (Redmond, WA), Joan Brown (Fort Wayne, IN), Melinda Giovengo (Seattle, WA), Cynthia Goodwin (Seattle, WA), Raland Hatchett (Cleveland, OH), Maya Hemachandra (Seattle, WA), Lorette Herman (Los Angeles, CA), Amy Casavina Hall (New Haven, CT), Becky Jackson (Chandler, AZ), Rebecca Laszlo (Seattle, WA), Cluny McCaffrey (Seattle, WA), Leatrice Moore (Carson, CA), Ruth Richerson (Albany, CA), Jonathan Rosenthal (Watertown, MA), Karla Salazar (Los Angeles, CA), Lovisa Stannow (Los Angeles, CA), K Sujata (Evanston, IL), Paul Swindlehurst (Boston, MA), Ananada Valenzuela (Seattle, WA), Frances Walker (Seattle, WA),
Amy Zimerman (Seattle, WA)

CLASS PHOTOGRAPH Online Class #8 Dec 2020 (2)

Class #7

Jeralee Anderson (Seattle WA), Joan Brown (Fort Wayne, IN),
Wendy Cohen (Phoenix, AZ), Jane Garthson (Toronto, ON),
Pamela Herman (Roseville, CA), Linda Horner (Los Angeles, CA), Pamela Jacobson (Los Angeles, CA), Evelyn Jabri (Tucson, AZ), Tim Kittleson (Santa Monica, CA), Theo Lamb (Vancouver, BC), Jeff Lewis (Edmonds, WA), David Marzahl (Seattle, WA) , Shahnaz Mazandarani (San Francisco, CA), Lynne Molnar (Pennington, NJ), Caroline Miceli (Seattle, WA), Laurie Rovin (Greenville, SC), Cynthia Setel (Seattle, WA), Christopher Shainin (Seattle, WA), Norbert Tan (Oxnard, CA)

IEA Class 7 Screenshot (70)

Class # 6 - Phoenix Academy

Front Row - Mark Slocum, Rachel Morse, Deb Thompson, Beth Morrison, Jeffrey Wilcox and Lyvier Conss. Back Row - Joe Yuhas, Vikki Scarafiotti, Jerry Diaz, Regina Edwards, Judith Olsen, Jennifer Tersigni, Inacent Saunders, Mike Mitchell, Ryan Starzyk, Jarrett Ransom, Terri Leon, Cynthia Gattorna, Suzanne Matsumori and Kristen Merrifield.


Class # 5 - Los Angeles Academy

Front Row - Helen Wardner, Janice Tsao, Vivian Sauer, Joan McBride, Jorge Sciupac, Zachary Lasker.  Back Row - Jeffrey Wilcox, Les Stocker, David Levy, Mike Mitchell, Marty Lasker, Audrey Salzburg, Maryann Fleming, Mark Rieck and Andrew Cooper.


Class # 4 - Seattle Academy

Front Row - KC Gauldine (Seattle, WA); Janet Pope (Seattle, WA); and Rebecca Laszlo (Seattle, WA). Middle Row - Aiko Pandorf (Berkeley, CA); Catherine McConnell (Seattle, WA); Lee Harper (Seattle, WA); Linda Hanson (Seattle, WA); and Laura Skelton (Seattle, WA). Back Row - Susan Adler (Seattle, WA); James Bouquin (Concord, CA); Heyward Watson (Seattle, WA); and Jeffrey Wilcox (Seattle, WA).


Class # 3 - SeaTac Academy

Front Row - Randy Brinson (Seattle, WA); Susan Adler (Seattle, WA); Tracey Schear (Oakland, CA); Laura Hitchcock (Seattle, WA); Catarina Moreno (Vancouver, BC); and Syd Fredrickson (Seattle, WA). Back Row - Ernie Iseminger (Palos Verde, CA); Terry Pottmeyer (Seattle, WA); Heyward Watson (Seattle, WA); Barry McConnell (Seattle, WA); Wayne Robert (Vancouver, BC); Mark Buckley (Seattle, WA); Carol Lugo (Seattle, WA); and Jeffrey Wilcox (Seattle, WA).

Class # 2 - Sacramento Academy

Front Row - Dr. Paula Gable (Denver, CO); Dr. Julie Adams, CAE (West Sacramento, CA); and Paul Castro (Novato, CA). Middle Row - Jodi Jordan (Davis, CA); Sitra Thiayagarajah (Sacramento, CA); Susan Krane (Emeryville, CA); Leon Hoover (Fresno, CA); and Jayne Williams (Esparto, CA). Back Row: John Adams (Granite Bay, CA); Tyra Jarvis (Sacramento); Patrick Bell (Carmichael, CA); Michelle Coleman (Roseville, CA); Tom Papas (San Jose, CA); Bob Ceccato (Sacramento, CA); and Jeffrey Wilcox (Seattle, WA).

Class # 1 - Seattle Academy

Front Row – Jan Simon (Seattle, WA); Lauren Simonds (Kirkland, WA); Kristine Scott (Seattle, WA); Amy Wasser (Seattle, WA); Ingrid Kirst (Lincoln, NE); Ruthann Howell (Vashon, WA); and Arthur Padilla (Federal Way, WA). Middle Row – Susan Adler (Seattle, WA); and Tricia Lazzar (Redmond, WA). Back Row – Kimberly Bernier (Seattle, WA); Tanja Baumann (Seattle, WA); Randy Brinson (Seattle, WA); Tom Varga (Bellevue, WA); Sylvia Fuerstenberg (Bellevue, WA); Jeffrey Wilcox (Seattle, WA); Bill Lahmann (Olympia, WA); Stephen Brown (Tucson, AZ); and Pat McCowan (Woodinville, WA).

Graduating Class #1 in Seattle