November 15

Strategic Financial Management for Interim Executives

Proudly presented with Jacobson Jarvis & Co, PLLC and City University of Seattle's Sanford Institute of Philanthropy

Location: Seattle, WA

City University of Seattle, 521 Wall Street, Seattle, WA 98121

Time: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Cost: $95

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Based on our 18 years of experience in the nonprofit interim executive management business, one of the top reasons a charitable organization, association or congregation will consider transitional leadership is because of a financial challenge. We also know that for many interim executives staying on top of the fiscal management strategy can be especially challenging.

Third Sector Company’s Interim Executive Academy, Jacobson Jarvis and City University of Seattle’s Sanford Institute of Philanthropy have teamed up to provide an on-going continuing education series to help practicing and aspiring interim chief executives to explore the strategic financial management contributions their unique positions can make to the financial health of any nonprofit organization.

What You Will Learn

  • What are the financial “vital signs” an interim executive director should look at when considering a position at a nonprofit organization?
  • What are the key questions an interim executive director should ask during an interview with a nonprofit regarding the financial health and culture of their organization?
  • What constitutes “Finance 101” for an Interim Executive Director of a nonprofit organization, association or congregation?
  • What are the key elements of a financial assessment that every interim executive director should undertake once in the position?
  • What are the most common financial challenges that an interim executive director could encounter upon assuming the leadership position

A Livestream Broadcast is available for Distance Learners thanks to City University of Seattle’s Sanford Institute of Philanthropy. To read more view the Fact Sheet. For more information please contact us.