November 15

Nonprofit Finances and the Interim Executive Director

Location: Seattle, WA

Address TBA

Time: 11:45 AM - 4:00 PM


Cost: $125 ($350 for the series)*

More Information

Academy alumni and prospective participants are invited to participate in year-round professional development opportunities presented by the Interim Executives Academy.

It is open to those interested in furthering their own interim leadership practice or to get a snapshot learning experience of the full two-day Academy.


What You Will Learn

Nonprofit financials can be complex. Exempt organizations, as nonprofits are known as in the accounting world, generally have more restrictions placed on their revenues. More and more contributors want their donated dollars to be used only in certain ways. In 2016, 46% of the respondents of the "Nonprofit Finance Study” say their organizations are unprepared if a key finance person were to leave suddenly.

An experienced interim leader will know how to navigate these growing complexities and ensure board leaders are governing with financial savvy and are performing due diligence.

*Time Payments and Part-Pay Scholarships are available to assure accessibility. Please let us know your interest. For more information please contact us.